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Ok, I got it

Well, this is it...I'm finally going to admit that this site is closed,
rather than on an extended hiatus. I'd like to apologise & thank those who used to frequently visit my site, and helped make it popular (because it was, at a time) and who probably won't check here and read this since I just about abandoned them & my site...

Anyways, I'm sorry that I never finished the competitions and that I won't be adding any more updates. The site will remain open for people to look at (should they wish to) and for me to look back on. I had a lot of fun, and poured hours into it, but now I haven't the time, patience or interest. I've moved on to different things. I'd like to wish my friends luck with their sites, and I may update in the far off future. I'll really miss the lovely compliments and people...not so much the haters =P

But for now, goodbye...

Becky @ Beckssite05
No. of Votes:  19
Avg. Rating:   7   
Meter Started: Apr 13, 2007
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